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How To Save The Content Industry

I wrote this last night as notes for a longer, more intense post on my main Glot. I think my ideas are interesting, but it's weird to read my notes since I'm usually so presentation and polish obsessed. Do you know how many of my 3000+ Twitter updates have unintentional misspellings? I'd say it's in the low zeroes. But I think this might be interesting enough and topical enough to interest a few of you -- so here it is, birth-goo and all:

The secret is to stop acting like belligerent, entitled, megalomaniac dinosaurs, accept the reality and the benefits of file-sharing, and be a force for good in the culture.

ACTA is falling apart (sez zeropaid. Oink got off. Even the new strategy of co-operating with ISPs seems doomed to failure. their overzealous plans to make content hosts screen for ALL copyrighted content are, if not impossible, just going to push people toward other options (Freenet? Ubiquitous encryption?). Even if it did, every harsher step just seems to alienate more people and convince them of their evilness. It seems that the problem they have is how to overcome human nature, and the wholesome desire to spread beauty, truth and joy -- as well as resentment for the scorched-earth/hardball strategies used fighting to do that. The business model is broken and they don't accept it. They can't control things (make money) like they used to. They have to scrape for money [open letter from okgo]

Here's an idea: play nice. Don't use your established place to crush new competitors and stifle ideas. There's room enough for everybody. How about you encourage people to buy your products by being a force for good, by respecting customers/fans/readers, by putting out quality content? Why go through such elaborate steps to market crap just because you can have more control (twilight, transformers, 90s boy bands)? Your modus operandi is to make money, not maintain control. Accept that personal politics in the future will have a good deal to do with one's opinions on the corporations and production methods one is supporting -- vote with dollars. Example: green movement, Food Inc, cc authors like Doctorow. How successful, to be the first big content provider/distributor to say "we will never sue our fans. We still want their money, and we have good reason. We wont help to share content for free, that's an act if fan love -- except for explicit promotions -- but we also are morally against (financially, too!) any deal that aims to buttress a failing system at the cost of the culture we exist in and live (profit) in."

How to try miracle fruit

"I never thought I'd taste beer that was too sweet."

How I did it: I refuse to say that I'm disappointed. No. I just think that maybe, if you're gonna drink beer for the taste, you ought to start on an evening when you aren't already drunk. For instance, New Year's might not be the best choice.

Lessons & tips: Lemon juice is, in fact, really really tasty. Who knew?

It took me 1 day.

It made me

See more progress on: try miracle fruit

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
Makes me want to write sequels and demand a cure for death/scarcity and start my own micro-governments and, yes, take a trip to Disney World.

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Our Summer Trip

Yeah, we didn't go on one. Thought I'd post this here, seeing as how much love went into planning this campaign. Woulda been a lot of fun. GoogleMap below, with more information on my GLOT.

A Pirate's Name

My pirate name is:

Mad John Cash

Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You're musical, and you've got a certain style if not flair. You'll do just fine. Arr!

Get your own pirate name from piratequiz.com.
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I blame Rhiannon. That's the only way this makes sense for me to be putting this here.


Freeness, and Hotness

There's something very special about using free wireless in a park. On a laptop that you didn't pay money for, and that you repaired yourself. Outdoors, in the shade where it's cool and out of that stifling bedroom where all your stuff is piled, it's free.

This was lm's idea. She cajoled me into it, on account of how badly the summer heat affects her. Symptoms include whines mixed with scattered moaning and pained facial expressions, as well as long stories about life's previous air conditioners.

I grew up in the desert. It's 110 degrees there. Sure, she says that happens in Sacramento. But what do I say? That happens a couple days, maybe weeks a year. Meanwhile, April through October, the weatherman's job in my hometown is to say what circle of hell we're currently passing through. So these things faze me a lot less than her preciousness over there. Not to say that when *I* was growing up we didn't have air conditioning (and a swamp cooler). Cthulu's tomb, don't even talk like that.
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Another Good Reason

I've not been round lately. Not blogging. Much goes on in the world, and the small part that's mine isn't going any slower than anywhere else. I can be quite prolific at times. Not lately.

Part of it stems from a partially illogical worry based on the sobering fact that, yes, my parents read my blog (my real blog... duh). I'm illogically afraid that my folks are gonna read it and think that I'm writing instead of trying to find a job. Illogical because, hey, I'm financially independant and they aren't planning to pick up my Slack anytime soon. The people that know me probably wouldn't mind reading more, probably wouldn't give a second thought to that novel juxtaposition of "unemployed" and "blogging." Tarnation, but I still find that word annoying.

I miss the days when the excuse for not blogging was that I had to explain to people what I was doing as "blogging." Blog. Blog blog blogbogblog. Fart. Blog.

I want to go, but I'm scared of going

Sure, it satisfies one of my "do before I die" objectives, but going to a nude beach is scary. It feels scary. It's actually probably incredibly fun. Especially when it's World Naked Beach Party Day.

EDIT: I can't believe know one told me I misspelled the title. You were all laughing behind my back, and you know it.


Originally uploaded by sfslim
This is Nifer Fahrion. She runs NifNaks, making tiny little hand-felted creatures and things like a Flying Spaghetti Monster Christmas-tree topper. Today is her birthday. Sometimes I'm sad that I don't get to hang out with cool people like Nifer at places like Marine world, but then I remember... not only do I have tons to do, but I already know many many fun people of my own to do them with. So that softens things a bit. But still. What remarkable planning with the blue walrus and the blue hair... sent from an "iWalrus," even. Magic. Happy birthday, Nifer.

Dawkins Envy

It's easy to be misled when you want to believe. That's the lesson that Richard Dawkins is here to teach us tonight.

I like Richard Dawkins. He's a hard-working man, a man with strong beliefs and ideas and principles. He's written many books on evolution and its related genera. He also coined the word “meme" way back in 1976. And, apparently, he's a blogger. But who has time to read blogs anymore though, honestly? So I was pretty thrilled thee days ago when I discovered his now six-day-old account on Twitter. Finally, I can follow the day-to-day musings of a bona fide scientist, one who’s books I’ve actually read, from the comfort of a corner of my monitor real estate.

The rest of Twitter was pretty happy too. It’s one of those places when @hrheingold tells @tyrsalvia and she tells me and @sfslim hears it from both of us, whom @Kalli hears it from, and before long everyone within shouting distance knows that Dr. Dawkins is enjoying poached salmon with Hollandaise sauce and a nice chardonnay. The magic of the modern age.

It made me imagine a very smart uncle who gives sweet and worldly advice, like what I read about two hours ago:
While I still have 1700 of you paying attention, I just wanted to say: Whatever you believe, respect others beliefs. It's not wrong to be kind to people who don't believe the same as you. You don't have to be militant atheists. People who claim to be Christians can be hypocrites, but they're just people, and all people make mistakes. Try to be good to one another. That is my message of peace to all of you. Love one another. It's ok.

Things could’ve just left off there. What nice sentiment. But it went on...

Consider that being hostile towards others has never won any followers. Richard Dawkins is just an old man trying to leave behind a legacy. Just like I, a Chrisitan [sic] do not follow Jerry Falwell or Pat Robertson, don't be mislead [sic] by someone just because they share your belief system. It's easy to be against people who are different than you, but try not to be like that. Take the high road, unlike RD. Thanks for listening and following along. Have a nice day.

I see. Ok, I see. So the whole thing was just to attract readers so that someone might make a statement about... the real Dawkins' religious beliefs. Why, now that you mention it, he is one of the world's most outspoken atheists. Well then I suppose that impersonating him and misleading his fans is a perfectly legitimate way to express your disagreements with him, and certainly not counter to any message you may have earestly wanted to deliver. Well-played, chap. This is my sarcastic font.

You fooled me at least, although others were not so easily duped. I mean, I understand why people read the updates from Fake Ira Glass and Fake Stephen Colbert. These are entertainment personalities. I mean, it wasn’t as if we were all hoping @DarthVader was, in fact, a mischievous James Earl Jones. To some degree the creative impulse is spawned by simply having a username free. Lord knows I understand that, having recently been acquainted with cyber-squatters. I considered being the escaped Philip K. Dick robot for a time. I never believed I was the robot, of course, I just wanted to pretend to be him on the internet; to take on that persona and explore it till I reached a conclusion.

Fake Dawkins realized his conclusion rather quickly, and the warning signs were there all along, if one were to look. Dr. Dawkins was in Oxford, but somehow his the timezone wasn’t. Second, he missed a Douglas Adams reference, but one would assume he wouldn’t since he wrote the man’s eulogy. But of course, something all of us 1700 missed, the fifth tweet: “I hope this will open a new avenue of communication for atheists and non-believers on the web.” The plan laid bare.

Nothing sinister there, I suppose. Nothing more sinister than duping a bunch of teenagers into thinking their favorite band is gonna play at prom, then having a bunch of the local reverends dress up as a Devo. Which, come to think, would be much much cooler than Fake Richard Dawkins. My one truest and shiniest hope is that we’ve learned something here today. Something about belief; yes, indeed faith. Twitter’s not real... and neither is the internet. It’s all made up from our heads just like evolution. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of. It’s all just concepts. The concept that, yes, I can peek in on the wondrously normal lives of those famous and endeared to me, and I can know them as I never would have before, and I can---at moment’s notice---respond to them personally and have them respond in kind. Well, it wasn’t real. That’s ok. Often the reality is never as good as the fantasy (mmm... hollandaise sauce). But then again, one can always hope that it will be.

Original post, and comments. Believe it or not, that was all just manually pasted in. Fooled you, didn't I? You thought I was using a cross-poster... pfft.

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